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Keeper is the Heart

by Nighttime

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writerlygal thumbnail
writerlygal This is such a beautiful album. I've been trying to find the words to describe it, but I can't find any words that fit this album :) Favorite track: Garden Of Delight.
stonerrepper thumbnail
stonerrepper exemplifies "folk" as a genre perfectly, contemporary and traditional at the same time. reminds me of Sarah Harmer. 10/10 Favorite track: When the Wind is Blowing.
ez thumbnail
ez this album is a world of enchantment. the full instrumentation and carefully crafted production combined with Eva's songwriting is stunning. get lost in this beautiful garden. Favorite track: Garden Of Delight.
Aaron thumbnail
Aaron Although not a 'concept' album in the usual sense, this album definitely evokes a certain mood or vibe. Its hard to pick a favorite song because I love this album as a set piece of art. Absolutely beautiful and something to listen to when you can give it your complete focus - it deserves that. Favorite track: The Sea.
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Veil 03:20
Lift the veil of all of this hate To see the fear at its base I’ve carried it for years I’ve carried its weight And hold even still The stillness it made I am falling In a feeling Inside of me Me-e-e-e…. … I am falling In a feelling Inside of me Inside of me
When the wind is blowing Sun is gone, storm clouds are growing When the ground is frozen And nothing new is growing When you imagine what could be Instead of the reality When all that’s left is resonating An afterglow illuminating Oh my yellowed vision in lingering light Opens my arms to the slow decline Guiding our hearts through the passage of time Oh soft wind dancing through the night Oh all the animals under canopies green Oh cosmic river winding free Carry me and repair me To feel your movement; to be set free...
When you rise in the morning And peel back the blankets that hold you in sleep And you find there before you As your eyes open light fills the room When chances aren’t none, odds 1000 to 1 Turn your back on the setting sun When chances aren’t none, odds 1000 to 1 Turn your back and run The curtain is closing The audience has been shown everything –and the roses they are throwing Hit the closing curtain and fall down to their end –and the show begins again When chances aren’t none, odds 1000 to 1 Turn your back on the setting sun When chances aren’t none, odds 1000 to 1 Turn your back and run
The Fool 03:27
The Way 04:11
Ring Of Fire 02:37
The Sea 03:45


Eva Louise Goodman’s Nighttime project locates itself on a musical tree planted on the British Isles, perched atop the branch of folk leaning into sixties rock. Her upstate New York environs don’t stray far from that image. With tempered percussion, floating mellotron, and singing that evokes Bleecker & MacDougal on a fervent Saturday afternoon, her new album Keeper Is The Heart reaches deep into the essence of musicians such as Vashti Bunyan, Sibylle Baier and Pentangle, breaking down the decades into a sound thoroughly and bizarrely modern.

Through her years performing with Mutual Benefit, Goodman fell in love with life on the road and the collaborative energy of a band. In this third Nighttime album, she channels these experiences into her own music. The creative journey from writing to recording to mixing drove her deeper into a sense of self while expanding her sound. In the process, she put aside lo-fi origins and challenged herself to achieve the same intimacy with a bigger production.

Like most paths of self-discovery, the journey started with displacement. In October 2019, Goodman set out to record the album on her own, while cat-sitting at a friend’s empty Brooklyn apartment. Rather than recording, she was drawn to the overgrown garden, where she spent her days listening to music and reading old journals. Charlie Megira, The Incredible String Band and Roy Montgomery invoked the spirit of the album, as she realized that a new, more collaborative approach would be necessary to bring the songs to life.

In March 2021, after a pandemic year immersed in sound experimentation and writing, she entered the upstate New York studio of recording engineer Rick Spataro (Florist). Together, Spataro and Goodman dove into creating the album, recording one song a day, letting the spark and excitement of spontaneity be their guide. “I've always been fascinated with ‘automatic’ arts,” Goodman says, “where things are created intuitively and without premeditation, from the subconscious.” In this light, they worked with abandon– pushing through the heaviness of songs written years earlier with the same energy as songs which were not yet fully developed. Taking chances, improvising, they sought to strip away pretense, and elude perfectionism at all cost.

Among their experiments, the duo manipulated tape speeds–slowing or speeding up different instrument tracks, imbuing passages with altered perspectives. Improvisation was the key in track five, ‘The Way,’ a song about “the magical act of carving out a path through life, amidst all possibility.” After a long day of recording, the song was feeling heavy and uninspired. As night fell, Spataro picked up the Stratocaster and, in one take, laid down a rolling, roiling guitar line that defined the track.

This spirit of surrender weaves through the album. “Break free from time, and sink in the pool of the mind,” begins ‘Garden of Delight’, an energetic highlight, propelled by 60’s-era organ and Jefferson Airplane-esque vocals. The song was accidentally deleted after the first day of recording. By luck or fate, the one surviving file captured the song’s loose and free-wheeling essence. Inspired, Goodman encouraged her circle of collaborators to work similarly: “I gave everyone trust and total freedom to contribute as they felt called to, encouraging an intuitive approach of simply improvising, playing through the song a few times and then sending over the results.” Synth, cello, violin, saxophone and flute all appear, but often in unconventional ways.

Keeper Is the Heart reflects Goodman’s process towards greater creative freedom. The first words she sings: “Lift the veil of all of this hate/To see the fear at its base.” Her last lines: “We’ll follow the fates across the great expanse of time/To the source of the light within our mind.” In between is a work of art awash in personal awakenings that revel in the freedom of intuition, the lifting of veils, and the beauty of transformation. As Goodman wonders, "What do you find when you look inward, seeing beyond, past your fears, to your heart's true desires?"


released January 20, 2023


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Nighttime Los Angeles, California


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